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Aircraft Test Equipment | AvionTEq

Wow! I want to have this item. Not bad for $220. I’ll refer to this video for setting up, I think I’ll be having a hard time placing the receiver.


Thanks very nice blog!



i am a german visitor from rhineland palatinate.
i have seen your video with a smile in my face.
now i have ordered one of these cheap, nice looking quads. i hope the delivery wont take too long. until now, a blade mqx was my keycam carrier. but switching to the ifly 4 seems to be the next step for me. i am looking forward to your next video. well done!

Best regards from germany...


I see you were using a Spektrum DX6i and Hobby king Spektrum compatible receiver, how come you didn't use a Spektrum receiver? what channel receiver did you use? great video


i have read much about an issue with the stock esc´s in the ifly quad. In many cases they overheat. Are there any problems like this, you have already recognized? I think, during an extended payload capacity test, would the esc certainly blown away. What you think? Thank you.


Dear friends, can you provide take off weight ?

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