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Christopher G.Leech

These are just a sophisticated toy and the Bill 71 is thoroughly misdirected and uninformed.


good story on bbc

Roberta Vandehey

You cannot get any contact information for Gov. Kitzhaber. That link will open just for a second then move on and you cannot go back to get either the phone number, the email address or the address. I tried the following link: http://cms.oregon.gov/gov/Pages/Contact.aspx and it did the same thing. This gov. has cut himself off completely from his constituents and these constituents will not vote for him again!

Does anyone have a valid email address, phone number or even address for this governor, Kitzhaber?


Though lacking an actual email address, supposedly you can message Governor Kitzhaber through this page:

Governor Kitzhaber's Citizens'
Representative Office:
(503) 378-4582

Governor Kitzhaber
Attn: Citizens' Representative
160 State Capitol
900 Court Street
Salem, Oregon 97301-4047​

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