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Captain Crystal

Question. You use an allen wrench or pen to poke in the button controls once the buttons are taken out. Will this pressure on whatever is beneath the button "housing" ruin that part of the camera?

Roswell Flight Test Crew

Ahoy, Cap'n Crystal! Our conclusion is that the issue you identified isn't a problem. When you remove the buttons from the housing, what you are exposing within are the actual buttons on the camera itself. All the "housing" buttons do is poke at the button on the camera with a short metal rod - basically the same thing you are doing with a pen or the tip of an Allen wrench. Now, if you went after it like Sharon Stone with an ice pick, you could probably do some damage, but it shouldn't be an issue in day-to-day use. Of course, this was a suggestion to our fellow drone pilots. Unless you have decided to branch out from full-scale hot air balloons, your GoPro will be just fine in its stock configuration -- and that's how I'd leave it. -Lucidity

Alex Isaac

Where can I get an extra button? I have a housing that's missing one of the buttons? Thanks -Alex



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